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The bathroom is without a doubt one of the most often utilised rooms in the house. The bathroom gets a lot of use every day, much like the kitchen does, especially in homes with large families. The bathroom is one of the most frequently renovated or redesigned rooms in the house because of this high traffic. This is why hiring a pro to complete the task is essential. Renovations may appear to be straightforward and quick, but once the work starts, do-it-yourselfers run into difficulties.

Always leave plumbing and electrical work to the professionals. Leaking and damage could result from a fixture that was fitted incorrectly. Finding a firm that can offer the right services is crucial because there are so many potential problems. You might be surprised to learn that a running toilet or leaky faucet can drive up your utility expenditures by 50%. In addition to allowing heat and cooling to escape, damaged baseboards and flooring can give vermin, various pathogens, and allergens access to your home.
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Your home will gain value with the right tub or shower in addition to being more practical and fashionable. To meet your needs, Built Corp can offer walk-in showers, customized baths, or tub/shower combinations. Our skilled designers will work with you to choose the ideal tub or shower that complements the overall look you’re striving for while keeping an eye on your budget. What could be more pleasant than having your own personal spa? Think of a place where you can escape the strains and demands of the outside world. Built Corp can assist you in creating the ideal location to find your Zen, whether you’re looking for a spa tub or want to add a tiny sauna to your area.

In order to give you piece of mind and keep your wallet intact, Built Corp makes sure to find the best service. Speaking of financial savings Did you know that, on average, a running toilet may waste up to 200 gallons per day, and a drippy faucet can waste up to 347 gallons annually? Over time, that most certainly adds up. In addition to costing you money, fixing broken baseboards, vanity gaps, and other bathroom fixture issues can detract from the overall beauty of your house. Built Corp can assist you!
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