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Room Additions & ADU

As our world grapples with more financial challenges, many families are consolidating their homes to save money, working from home, or are looking to offset their home costs with renters. Regardless of the reasons, sometimes a home just isn’t big enough for everyone, and an extra room or wing, or even a smaller home must be created. Room additions can cause a lot of stress and strain to homeowners who are unsure where to start or are fearful of the costs and stresses of permits and zoning. Built Corp is here to tell you that we can help take the worry out of the process. Our team of designers and technicians know all the right questions to ask and all the know-how to get the job done quickly and on budget.

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units)

ADUs are often referred to as “Mother-in-law” units. These are smaller, free-standing units that are typically located in the backyard or to the rear or side of the existing home. These structures can also be connected to the main home by covered or loosely enclosed walkways. They typically will have fully functioning plumbing and electrical services that connect to the main home’s grid. These types of dwellings must be fully compliant with the city’s guidelines and laws. ABC understands the delicate nature and balance of these permitting laws and rules and will help you navigate with the city. ADUs can also be unused outdoor spaces, such as an enclosed carport or garage that can be converted into a living space. See our Garage Conversions page for more details! Whether you are extending your family or looking for a private little nook of your own, room addition or ADU doesn’t have to be a headache. Built Corp is here to make the process of a room addition easy and as stress-free as possible. Our talented team of designers and technicians will help guide you on the best addition option and design for your home. Call us today and let us know how we can help!
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