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A useful alternative for a range of home applications is artificial turf or fake grass. Additionally, Built Corp is the business to contact if you live in California. In the state of California, we are specialists in installing artificial turf for residential projects.

Are you sick of mowing your grass frequently and dealing with brown spots? Do you get tired of having to continually maintain a lawn and paying a high water bill? You might be a great candidate to build an artificial turf lawn if this describes you. Consider installing artificial turf, also known as artificial turf or artificial grass, if you want a beautiful outdoor living place that lasts. It requires no upkeep and is ideal for landscaping and playgrounds. Artificial turf is highly advised if you want a lawn that is consistently fresh and green.
Benefits of Artificial Turf

The advantages of artificial turf over real grass go far beyond those that may be immediately apparent, such as the need for little maintenance, its dependability throughout colder months, and the lack of weeds, bare areas, and ruts. In addition to eliminating the possibility of grass stains, artificial turf also eliminates the need to worry about regulating light and shade, allows you to choose antibacterial brands to reduce risks to kids and dogs, and reduces or eliminates puddles. These characteristics make it perfect for dog parks, busy commercial thoroughfares, and a variety of other areas in addition to fields used for children’s sports and play.
When you choose an artificial lawn, you benefit more than just your family. The synthetic lawn uses less water and produces cooler temperatures, which benefits the environment. Artificial grass is less expensive than real grass and preserves the air, land, and water tables from toxic fertilizers and pesticides used in maintaining living grass.
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