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As California’s leading designers and builders of home renovations, we can design and construct a renovation to turn your house into your dream home.
We have design and construction specialties and can completely renovate any kind of home. As Master Builders, we take great pride in our standing for excellent craftsmanship, imaginative design, and affordability. Many terminology used in the construction sector are frequently misunderstood or are not fully understood. The three most frequent are home expansions, home extensions, and renovations. While an addition or an extension are often considerably larger building projects, home renovations are to update, repair, or restore the home. It is common for the three terminology or procedures to be used in conjunction with one project, with a combination of a renovation, an addition, and an extension being completed at the same time.
Our objective is to continually provide constructions that are of the greatest calibre, with a focus on collaboration and detail, driven by an everlasting ambition to strive for excellence. Our three key values—honesty, professionalism, and teamwork—guide how we run the firm. These essential ideas guide all we do. Building open, cooperative, and trustworthy connections with our clients and partners is important to us at Built Corp. These connections make the process of building a beautiful house a joyful one. We are all about bringing original and imaginative designs to life!

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Built Corp must provide quality service at competitive pricing since we appreciate our clients. We only work with the best professionals and utilise the best tools to achieve this. We provide a wide range of services, including new building projects, room additions, and renovations and remodels. It might occasionally be chaotic and demanding to modify your home. Built Corp is here to assist you manage your stress and enjoy your new construction project. Offering a set of guiding principles by which we conduct our business helps us reach this goal and guarantees that our clients are happy with the work we produce.
At the heart of Built Corp are our three core values

Core Values


Nothing is insurmountable in our eyes; rather, we only see chances for innovation. Sometimes this entails thinking outside the box, possibly utilizing unusual materials or novel techniques to produce motivating results. We think that a quality approach yields the best results and that quality is a state of mind. We take care of the essentials and recognize the value of dependability, timeliness, professional communication, and personal appearance.


Our goal is to establish strong, mutually beneficial working relationships with outstanding architects so that everyone—including our clients—can take pleasure in the process of designing a magnificent home. Effective teamwork is the first step to great results. To get exceptional outcomes in every aspect of the building process, there must be an open line of communication between the client, builder, and architect. As your "man on the ground," we'll make sure that all of our communication is precise and consistent.


One of the biggest projects a person can take on, both financially and emotionally, is building a home. It's crucial that everyone involved is comfortable working with the builder of their choice. We think it's important to collaborate in an open and honest way so that everyone feels knowledgeable and secure during the construction process.